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Improving Video Communication,
through Avatars

LoomieLive allows real time communication as a 3D avatar. Bring the best virtual you into popular video communication and streaming apps. Your avatar’s direct eye contact will engage others, while reducing the fatigue of regular video conferencing. If you’re camera shy we’ve got you covered. Your personalized avatar from our Loomie app, and 3D background of your choice, will thrill others while protecting your privacy.


01 Maintain your privacy

With a 3D background and avatar, now the most camera-shy of us can express ourselves.

02 Express yourself

Import your personalized 3D avatars, custom backgrounds, and animations from our “Loomie” app. Or try one of the pre-loaded avatars

03 Reduce fatigue

Take a moment away from the spotlight, but still be present, by animating your avatar purely from audio.

04 Make eye contact

Make a great connection. With LoomieLive, your avatar makes eye contact with your viewers, for a more natural and personal feel.

How does it work?


Pick your avatar, or create a personalized one in our free Loomie mobile app. 


Choose your favorite avatar and background.


Select your input microphone in LoomieLive.


Grab your headset for the best experience. No headset? Use our talk/listen toggle instead.

Installation & Use

Watch this quick tutorial on how to use LoomieLive, then download below!

Create your own avatar with our Free Loomie AppVisit Loomies
Play LoomieLive video

Need Help?

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